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3D Modeling Work

Have any questions about custom 3D work. Or need something printed? Contact Us for pricing.


Ruben Morales 

After graduating at the Art Institute of Santa Monica. Ruben started working for Sony over at Santa Monica on God of War 3, as cinematic artist. From that point in his life. He also had the opportunity to work on some other various gaming projects like Homefront, God of War Ascension, Call of Duty Black Ops 3, and now on latest God of War game. Working as lead destruction artist. On his spare down time Ruben currently does our hard surface modeling.


Marlowe Medak

Marlowe is our current organic 3D artist. Who constantly finds himself studying anatomy, and nature on a daily basis. His favorite thing about working with organics. Is being able to distort and combine human, animal, and other natural forms together to create believable and intriguing beings.

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