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Q. What is the turnaround time for most of your products.


A. Most Masks, and Props take about 4-5 weeks to make. Our costumes take about 6-7 weeks depending on what you ordered. And these turnaround times depend on how busy we are as well. Most of the time it's pretty fast, but sometimes a bit longer. To get a better idea on the wait of your order, Next to our products is an estimated wait time. 




Q. Is this all the costumes or masks you offer?


A. Nope. Basically, if you don't see anything on here that you want, or have a custom concept idea for a Costume, Mask, or Prop, contact us with ideas and pictures.




Q. What payments do you accept?


A. As of right now we only accept Paypal.




Q. What is your return policy?


A. If you are unhappy with your product we can either fix it or give you credit for a different product we offer. NO REFUNDS. The only reason we don't offer full refunds, is because we spend our own time/materials to make your product. All of our products are considered custom commissions.




Q. Do you ship overseas?


A. Sure we do. Most orders go either First Class or Priority Mail depending on the package size. Once your order is placed, a shipping invoice will be sent to you within 24 hours. Also a customs number will be sent to you after it's been shipped. Once it ships out, it's out of our hands if it's been Lost, Stolen, Damage, or sent to an old address. So please double check your address.





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