Molds, Castings, and Forming

Here is a custom mask commission for a professional DJ out in Germany. He will be wearing this mask for all his shows. Mask was a 3D design, printed, cleaned up, molded, and casted in resin. This pic is taken before Chrome plating,

Bioshock Butterfly Splicer Buck, all clayed up ready for molding.

Vacuum formed Jason Goes to Hell Poster masks. Formed in .060 PETG Clear Plastic ready for chroming.

Same Jason Goes to Hell we made before, but pull in a different material. These are casted in Smooth Cast Resin.

Bulk order for a customer that wanted to paint and sell these at a local convention. All formed in .060 Black ABS Plastic.

This Pumpkinhead was sculpted Conor Mccullagh winner of Face Off Season 1. I was lucky enough to get this mold from him at the time, which i no longer have now. This was the first casting i did out of his mold. Casted in Latex and Foam Filled with flexible foam.

Life casted teeth with a simple negative block mold.

Customer wanted his screen used lenses molded. So he can have fresh new copies to see out of.

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