Paint, Finishing and Make Up

Foam Latex Prosthetic sculpted by Gregory F/X. Applied and Painted by us.

RBFX Prosthetic painted up with a Skeletor style.

Sculpt by Howard S. Studios. I did the finishing, and hair work. As well I added a distressed weathered jacket close to the actual film jacket. Turning it into a bust with shoulders.

This sculpt is called The Grotesque. Which is based off Jason from Part 3 in his Flashback scene. It was sent to us as a blank. We painted this display piece up and added glass eyes.

Sculpt by Daniel Bachenbern. I based this finishing work off the ending scene of F13th Part 3.

Life cast we did for a customer, side by side next to his casting. The casting was made out of resin and foam filled.

Little Before & After on a Jason Part 7 face we painted for a client. Sculpt by Auz(Justin Williams).

Latex blank i got on a limited run. Mouth was cut out, teeth was sculpted and casted in acrylic by our local friend of ours. Paint work, teeth painted/installed by myself.

Before and After repaint on a Michael Keaton undermask for a Batman cowl. Sent to us by a client of ours.

Before and After repaint on a old school mask called ''The Thug''. Customer wanted his mask brought back to life a bit. With some different takes of our own.

Customer sent us a Casey Jones blank from the new TMNT 2 movie. We did all the finishing work. This mask was sculpted by Justin Williams.

Repainted this Donatello bust for a customer. The original paint job had a zombie look to it, with blood all over. Customer wanted a more classic turtle look to it overall. We also foam filled this piece making it nice and solid for display.

This latex Jason Lives hood was sculpted by Brandon Murphree. We got this as a blank, and did the finishing work for a customer.

Custom costume we made for the upcoming film The Wicked One.

Reverse Flash suit that we did a collab with another local artist.

Karloff blank was sculpted by Daniel Horne. Sent to us by a customer for finishing.

Eyes, Vents and sides cleaned/cut. Fin attached and ready for painting.

This Rocketeer helmet was sent to us by a customer. It came as a raw all black kit, we cleaned up the kit and got to painting.

Repair and Repaint.

Paint and hair work start to finish.

The only finishing work i did on this was the hair and nose. This is a rare piece from Japan, and it comes out fuzzy out of the box. Also has a inaccurate color on the nose. So i repainted the nose, and gave Gizmo a comb and a cut.

Dream Creeper sculpted by Joe Scaringe. This was a paint commission done up for a big collector that we know.

Robocop was sent to us as a blank. Prepped and painted this resin piece.

Before and After on a Child's Play doll a customer sent to us to repaint for him. Head, Hands, and Shoes are all made out of rubber. A lit bit more time consuming to paint.

Before and After body pieces attached to the main body.

Raw casting of Days of Future Past Magneto Helmet. Sent to me by a customer to finish up.

Cowl weathered and bolts attached/painted.

3D design we did up based off of Deadshot from Batman Arkham Origins. Model was done from ground up by Ruben. Once it was printed, i got straight to painting.

Before and After.

Custom life size display base, built and finished.

Custom Venom chest spider done in Dragon Skin silicone.