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Paint, Finishing and Make Up

The Frank

Sculpt and cast by Wayne Anderson. Paint Finishing by Josh.

Friday the 13th Part 2

Jason unmasked. From Friday the 13th Part 2. One off 3D printed bust.


Blank cast is by Casey McCabe. Paint finishing by Josh.

TTE Clown

Project we did with Paul Knot with his TTE Clown. 3D model by Ruben. Clay pour, mold work, and paint finishing by Josh.

The Bride

Sculpt by Escape Collectibles. Paint finishing by Josh.


3D model by Ruben. Print and finishing by Josh.

Jason X

Jason X bust with 3D printed neck shackles. Paint finishing by Josh.

Road Kill

Foam Latex Prosthetic sculpt by Gregory F/X. Applied and painted by Josh.

RBFX Prosthetic. Skeletor paint scheme by Josh.


Sculpt by Howard S. Studios. Paint finishing, hair work, and clothes by Josh.

Friday the 13th Part 3

This sculpt is called The Grotesque. Which is based off Jason from Part 3 in his Flashback scene. Paint finishing by Josh.

Friday the 13th Part 3 Ending

Sculpt by Daniel Bachenbern. Paint finishing by Josh.

Life cast we did for a customer, side by side next to his casting. The cast was made out of resin and foam filled.

Friday the 13th Part 7

Before & After on a Jason Part 7 face. Sculpt by Auz(Justin Williams). Paint finishing by Josh.

The Haunted Mask

Latex blank by Artist Caine Productions on a limited run. Mouth was cut out, teeth was sculpt and cast in acrylic by our local friend of ours. Paint work, teeth painted/installed by Josh.

Batman Keaton

Before and After repaint on a Michael Keaton undermask for a Batman cowl. Paint finishing by Josh.

Before and After repaint on a old school mask called ''The Thug''. Customer wanted his mask brought back to life a bit. Paint finishing by Josh.

Casey Jones blank from the new TMNT 2 movie. Sculpt by Justin Williams.Paint finishing by Josh.

Repainted Donatello bust.The original paint job had a zombie look to it, with blood all over. Customer wanted a more classic turtle look to it overall. Also foam filled to make it a solid display. Paint finishing/foam work by Josh.

This latex Jason Lives hood was sculpt by Brandon Murphree. Paint finishing by Josh.

The Wicked One

Custom costume we made for the upcoming film The Wicked One.

Reverse Flash suit that we did a collab with another local artist.

The Rocketeer

This Rocketeer helmet came as a raw kit from a customer. Finishing and prep work by Josh.

Crypt Keeper

Repair and repaint by Josh.

Remake Jason

Sculpt by Jon Fuller. Paint finishing and hair work by Josh.

T-1000 Splash

T-1000 Splash Head came originally as a blank. Paint and hair work by Josh.


Robocop blank was sent in by customer. Finishing by Josh.


Head and Hands repaint by Josh.


Raw helmet cast of Magneto from Days of Future Past. Finishing by Josh.


Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3 blank by sent in by a customer. Finishing work by Josh.

Reverse Flash CW

Cowl weathered and bolts attached/painted by Josh.

3D model by Ruben. Based off of Deadshot from Batman Arkham Origins. Finishing by Josh.

Before and After.

Custom life size display base, built and finished by Josh.

Silicone Venom

Custom Venom chest spider done in Dragon Skin silicone.

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